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Architecture services in UK

Architectural design is one of the most complicated and layered endeavors carried out by firms. Why? Because the completion of a project begins the day you start to plan for the project. The planning, execution, budgeting, and completion depend vastly upon the services you employ to get the work done. In short, who you hire can either make the process easy for you or you may find yourself stuck in a constant loop of “slack-times” extending the completion period of the project.


In light of this if you are looking for architectural services in London – look no further. Proportions design studio is one of the top providers of professional architectural services in London and other areas in the UK.


What makes us unique is the keen evaluation and planning of the complete project prior to its commencement. Structures and designs are not something that can be built with just ideas, the functionality and practicality of these ideas need to translate onto paper according to the fundamentals of architecture and this is what we are here for.


We offer architectural services in Acton, which include an extended range of services including conversions and renovations. You see the architectural design is a true representation of who you are. Your surrounding, especially your property, defines you stature and taste like no other material possession can.


To put it simply you can employ our services to translate your ideas and dreams into the real structure. Whether you want loft conversions London or Acton, our engineers are available to lay the groundwork for your project.


You want your property designed or your interiors redone? We will get the job done. Our teams are carefully created to combine the knowledge of architectural experts, designers, and skilled workers to plan and execute the project in record time. Besides this, we also offer house extensions in London and surrounding areas as well. From the planning of the extension to the completion, our team will include your preferences in their work.


For us, our customers have always been a priority. With the completion of over 400 projects and as many satisfied customers, we have worked to make our mark in the industry. Our services are standardized for both our commercial and residential clients. Our excellent track record speaks for itself and we further plan to stay committed to our high-quality service.


Our experts are well acquainted with the planning and execution laws of London and surrounding areas that govern all architectural aspects of your property. Moreover, we not only provide regular house extensions we also offer side and rear extension in London and other areas. This is one of our most demanded services and you can leave the extension, renovation, planning, budgeting and Loft conversions to us.


Our experts can guarantee exceptional workmanship which elegantly combines your ideas with professional architectural services and high-quality materials only. We would never want our customers to expect any less from us and as such our commitment from the director of the firm to the on-site architect is exemplary.


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 02080905063 or fill out the following form


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To apply for a job with Proportions, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: info@proportionsdesign.co.uk

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