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Side and Rear Extensions Service in London

Looking for side & rear extensions in London? Look no further we are just the people for you. Why? We have been doing this for quite some time now and are more than equipped to take the complete responsibility of your architectural needs. We understand that extensions, conversions, new buildings and anything else that falls under the umbrella of construction are a significant investment

The best part is that our expert services come at an affordable price. Moreover, we take into serious consideration the budget you have allotted for such extensions. Side and rear extensions are an excellent investment into increased space and can potentially increase the value of your property. Who doesn’t want that?  Extensions work, either way, whether you are planning to sell in the near future or want some extra space for the “den” you’ve always wanted, house extension is always a good idea.

While most side and rear extensions in London are done to single story homes, you can certainly add some space to multiple stories. Customers who opt for single story side or rear extensions usually have a garden in the boundaries of their properties. What this type of extension does is take away a little space from your garden and transform it into another room as part of your home. Of course, you can design it whichever way you like. You can add a flat or pitched roof, have the brick effect on the walls, insulate the floors- whatever attracts your fancy can be done.

Side and rear extensions in London have become a fantastic way of adding more to the kitchen area. If you entertain regularly and our short of space or the dinners and barbeques become stuffy quickly, a rear extension is an excellent investment. You can have your reasons for a side or rear extension, but you can surely count on our experts to give you their expert advice on what will work for your specific purpose, what will fit your budget and what complies with the laws.

A home designer is also on our team of experts who provide our side & rear extensions in London. You can certainly discuss the roofs and windows you want to be added to the extension with our expert to get a professional evaluation of what will work in cohesion with the rest of the property.

Side and rear extensions are also perfect for semi-detached homes as well as terraced home. Our experts have been offering side & rear extensions in London for many years and thus are familiar with such properties as well. If you own a suburban home, a terraced house, a semi-detached property or any other property that needs rear and side extensions, all you have to do is give us a call and our experts will assist you with your queries.

Our job is to give you just what you need and our extensive experience in the industry certainly gives us an advantage in doing so.

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