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Brilliant Loft Conversions Services in London

Architecture is sometimes a challenging field where you have to come up with brilliantly innovative ideas to bring your dream structure to life. Our team will gladly do the brilliant and innovative part for you; all you have to do s lend us your ideas. As our motto goes “your dreams are ours” we are armed with the knowledge and expertise to do so.

We offer loft conversions London that are sure to live up to your expectations. Loft conversions are one of the smartest ways to increase the utilization of space in your home or workspace. In addition to this lofts are one of the most convenient and least disruptive structures to convert.

Installations and alterations in the loft area are often not prohibited or limited by laws. The installation of roof lights or a dormer facing the rear end of the property are a few steps you can take to initiate the conversion of the complete loft.

We bring you loft conversions London at competitive and affordable prices. Our experts take into consideration the budget calculated during the planning phase of the project. Loft conversions have gained acclaim during recent years and the most contemporary amenities can be added to complete the interior conversion of the loft.

The suitability of the conversions can be determined right after our architects give your loft site a visit. This evaluation helps determine the integrity of the actual structure of the loft as well as the rest of the building. Once the analysis of the site is complete our loft conversions London team will provide you with a brief that covers the complete development procedure of the loft.

The procedure depends on the requirement of the property. Installations such as floor joists, floor insulations, floorboards, rafters, windows, floor length mirrors or staircases depend on what your dream loft looks like and what changes the structure can bear.

We provide loft conversions London that take into account each and every aspect of the structure and determine what design and build are required to complete the conversion. This change if managed properly can actually add to the value of the entire property.

Our experts will also advise you regarding the safety features that need to be installed with the conversion procedure. Features such as ventilation, smoke alarms, sound insulations as well as fire doors. We guarantee a complete makeover for your loft that is safe contemporary as well as cost-effective.

All the materials used in our loft conversions are high quality and durable. Moreover, we have experts on our team with ample experience in Mansard loft conversions with extended roofs, Hip to gable loft conversions that entail conversions from slanted roofs to flatter ones.

With our experience in the industry, we have obtained the knowledge required to deal with the laws that govern loft conversions. Rest assured, we bring you loft conversions London which is in complete compliance with the law. To enlist our services just give us a call at 0208 0905 063 or fill out our online booking form.