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Our House Extension Services in London

Employing architectural services is one of the largest investments you will be making in your life. You are never just investing funds in a property but also your time and your dream. The property can be residential or commercial, either way, there is more than just financial investment involved.

House extensions are more of a residential affair and the need for a house extension comes with personal or family needs. We understand this and this why you can count us to provide you with highly professional house extensions in London.

There are several changes that you can make to your house in order to expand the space. From loft extensions to side and rear extensions, the possibilities are endless. The most important factor that affects your decision to expand is the rules and regulations that apply to them. In light of this, our team that provides house extensions in London has extensive experience in the field and is quite familiar with the rules and regulations. Once you call us to book a consultation, you will find that each and every aspect of your project will be discussed with you. We plan to ensure that the job is done right the first time and that there isn’t any room for error.

Our team’s knowledge and expertise are not limited to knowing what the authorities governing architecture requires. House extensions in London have a number of other aspects as well besides the finances and regulations. Of course, the decision to extend mostly comes from the need for added space for growing families in London. You can choose the type of extension you are going to get depending on the structure of your property and the area it is built in. You can opt for one of the options including conservatories, outbuildings, orangeries, conversions for lofts, extensions and conversions for the garage area, multiple story extension or addition of a single story, conversions for your basement and extensions for side and rear extensions for a single story home.

We offer all sorts of house extensions in London. We have been working the local housing and commercial properties for quite some time now. This gives us ample insight into the needs of the structures in a different location of London. Simply put, our experts will not be wasting your time when informing you about the options you have for the said extension.

We have a standardized and detailed procedure when it comes to giving you the best services possible. This includes a game plan that can be executed without any hindrance. Our team that provides house extensions in London begins the job by planning for the application that is needed for a house extension. Start here and the rest will be history. We listen to our customers and harvest the complete idea for the extension from our customers. This allows us to translate your dream into a solid, durable and sustainable extension to your home.

To book our team all you have to do is call us today or fill out the form on our website.