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Our Architecture Services in London

When you book our architectural service, you can expect much more than a plan for the structure of your home. It is a common perception that architectural firms are just glorified construction companies; the reality is quite the contrary.

Our work begins the moment you go through our website or call us up even for a quotation. We tend to take responsibility for the decisions you make to build a commercial or residential property once you’ve booked our architecture services in London; you can count on us to guide you each step of the way and also make sure that your dream becomes a reality.

You won’t just be receiving a drawing that depicts the structure you want to be built, rather we will plan with you. Whether you are worried about the aesthetic appeal of the building or how well it can utilize the space of the plot, our team has got you covered. We don’t just have experts who know architecture, but we also have designers who possess the expertise required to create a stunning interior and exterior for your property.

Our architecture services in London are a one-stop shop. We are equipped to provide you with all the services needed to complete your project; from the pre-design phase until the completion of the structure, you can leave the job to us.

Planning is one of the most important phases of a project, while most of the planning takes place before the project I set in motion. But, we understand that it is also an ongoing process and you need to plan for several other components of the project other than the actual structure.

We provide architecture services in London that covers the planning for the schematic design of the project, the development of the design, the documents required for commencement of the project, the contract administration for the construction, as well as the execution of the project.

We believe in creating strategies that can facilitate on-time completion and reduce the slack times as much as possible. As most aspects of construction are linked to each other, beginning an activity prior to the completion of the previous one is impossible, in light of this; our teams utilize their expertise and knowledge to reduce the project completion time as much as possible.

We have been offering architecture services in London for many years. With the completion of over 400 projects, our expertise and client base has also increased. The feedback we receive from our customers is productive-fuel for us as we understand the significance of a property built in accordance with your specific needs.

If you are looking for the best architecture services in London, we can guarantee that we will make your work with us exemplary. Our team strives to bring unparalleled dedication, knowledge, expertise, and reliability to the table.

To book our services today or get a quotation and advice call us on 0208 0905 063 or email us at info@proportions.co.uk. You can also fill our online form for any queries that you may have.